Philippines through my brothers camera

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shot with a lumix GF-1

Red Bull Car Park Drift

OPPPS!! hahaha someone must have installed that lamp post when he wasnt looking!

The Amoudi Self Portrait Challenge

Me (Sami) my brother (Akram) and my sister (Lina) challenged each other to do a creative self portrait. Due to our competitive nature, rules and judging criterias were set.
only rule is.. a portrait photograph must be the base of the artwork, the rest is all up to the person.

All portraits were judged based on.
1) wow factor
2) technicality 
3) concept

1st place: 
Forever Industrious: 
Mama always said I was the industrious one, worked hard, no talent. I hated the word and for the longest time it made me feel talentless and brought me down. However, with age I came to realize that its not talent that gets you places but rather how driven and 'industrious' you are. 

2nd place: 
121 Slides: 
121 self portraits were merged to create the most truest self portrait of my brother. revealing who he really is.

3rd place: 
Lights and cutouts show several personality layers that people see of me. that I'm willing to show. yet still keeping to my own and not revealing everything.