Saw this during a trip in Taif (Saudi Arabia)
anyone got a clue to why is he doing that?

DIY home BW developer (caffenol)

Black and White film was developed at home with ingredients that you can buy in any supermarket. google caffenol or caffenol-c 
and yeah it smells really bad...

Lina Alamoudi's type illustrations

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    Type Illustrationsthings I enjoy :)
  • experimenting, messing around and having fun (doing everything I was told NOT to do in school)

This song just gets me every single time

photographs sourced from: http://www.photofeatures.com/jimihendrix/

  • Objective
    We wanted to introduce people to The Jam Jar - a do-it-yourself painting studio with a mission to bring art to the community. We had to do this on close to zero budget. 

    We found that many people feel an initial hesitation or discomfort when faced with a blank page. In order to exaggerate the illogical nature of this fear, we created scary monsters in blank canvases and hung them up as posters.
    Advertising Agency:
     Ogilvy Dubai, UAE
    Executive Creative Director: Till Hohmann
    Creative Director: Guy Sinclair/Ramzi Moutran
    Art Director/Designer: Leo Rosa Borges
    Copywriter: Amina Abdel-Halim
    Designer: Lina Al Amoudi

My morning muse

A room with many views

I'm starting a little project of how many ways I can see the same thing (my view from the window)
these are what I've come up with so far.